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Imagine a few feet pics models moderating some subreddits together. After a while they decide to brainstorm about a name for their community and come up with the idea of ‘Footsie’.

That’s literally how it went, there is no fairytale story to tell, but this made us who we are today – the Number 1 Feet Pics community.

As the name ‘Footsie’ suggests, it’s about playing footsie under a table as a way of flirting. The community is focused on adult content, also known as Not Safe For Work. While our main subject may be feet pics and foot fetish, we are inclusive of all legal fetishes.

As of today you can find us across different platforms such as Reddit, Discord and Twitter.

We provide a way for models to share their feet pics and other content and where others can admire their work or people who want to get in touch with each other via chat-rooms like in our Discord.

We take pride in being inclusive to everyone. No matter your gender, sexuality or skin color. This is what makes us different from most communities; since you’ll often find platforms allowing female models only.

Due to the nature of our content, you must be 18+ years old to join us.