Didn’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form, send us a modmail on Reddit or open a ticket in our Discord.


You just joined our Discord server and still have a few questions? We will tackle the most frequently asked questions right here.

Because of the nature of the content available in our server, you need to be 18 years or older. We cannot allow people under the age of 18 in for legal reasons.

The way our age verification process is set up, we only need to see your date of birth and picture on an official form of identification. The official form of identification can be your ID, drivers license or passport. We do not need to see anything like your name, address or social secuity number; you are free to blank these out.

You need to write your discord username, the current date and the name of our server on a piece of paper. This paper needs to be present in both the selfie and in the picture with your identification. Providing this allows us to match your selfie with the picture on your identification and verify that you are not using a fake ID you found somewhere on the internet.

If you go through our age verification, your information is not shared nor used for any purpose other than checking your age. The tickets are only visible to our staff. All our moderators/admins have set up 2 factor authentication on their accounts as an extra safety barrier.

We have more than 100 age verification tickets opened per day.

A timer is set to encourage people to have their documents ready before opening a ticket. Our staff agreed 24 hours should be enough time to verify and helps clean up tickets so they don’t clutter up the process for other people waiting.

We are not inhumane and understand life can happen. If something occurs where you cannot provide documentation within the time given just politely ask for an extension. 

The content on our server is very broad. While we are a footfetish focused server, general nudity from all genders can be found.

As mentioned in our server you cannot just post other people. If you have a picture that features both you and someone else, this other person will have to be age verified in our server and tagged in all content they are present in.

This was implemented so we can check both if the other person is not a minor and if they consent to being shared.

We allow strictly original content only and by that we mean that the poster has to be in the picture that is shared.

Some will say that it is original content because they took the picture. But if you take a moment to think about it, how can we know your partner gave consent to being shared on our server? How would we know you’re not an ex getting revenge?

This rule is implemented to keep people safe. You can only post your partner if you apply for the duo content rule.

This is for the simple reason that not everyone in the SFW section went through our age verification process. In this section minors can be present and it is forbidden by law to sell sexual services to minors, so we do everything in our power to avoid that.

This is also to avoid minors from selling or sharing their own content. If you want to sell or share your own content you must go through our age verification so you get access to the appropriate channels to post in.

This can happen if you have been absent for a while.

We do regular checks in our server to see who is and isn’t active. If we notice a model has been inactive for a period of 2 weeks or longer their model role will be removed. This is for us to keep an eye on statistics.

We will never remove the age verified role, so you do not need to go through that process twice. If you notice your model role is revoked, just open a ticket in our server and request it back.

This means that you are using one of the forbidden words in the SFW channels.

The main focus here are foot fetishes, so any talk about feet is also considered NSFW and thereby forbidden in the SFW channels.

We have a word filter implemented on the SFW side to help keep these channels clean. This prevents people from promoting themselves, talking explicitly or bots getting through. It’s crucial we avoid potential minors from seeing these things.

If you share Footise as a mutual server with the person in your DMs it is fairly easy to check.

First you need to have developer mode turned on. On desktop go to your Discord user settings > App settings > Advanced. On a phone go to your Discord user settings > App settings > Appearance > Advanced. 

Once you have developer mode turned on, click on any user’s profile and copy their user ID. A user ID looks like a long string of numbers (example 0123456789101112). Do not copy the username (example NAME#0000) because this won’t work.

When you have their user ID copied, type <@user ID> in a chat channel on the server. This will tag them and make their profile clickable. If you see the ‘age verified’ role on their profile, this user is 18+. If you do not see an ‘age verified’ role on their profile this user has not been verified and could possibly be a minor.

Absolutely not. You are free to just lurk, have conversations in the general chats, share content or look at the content available in our server without any obligation of spending or receiving money. This being said, it is still important to look up and respect DM roles. While you can freely chat in our server, you are not allowed to DM anyone when profiles show the roles ‘DMs closed’, ‘ask to DM’ or ‘DMs business only’.


Below are the most asked questions about interacting on our subreddits. Our subreddits are r/feetpics | r/Feet_NSFW | r/FeetLoversHeaven

This can have various reasons.

The most common reason is new accounts and/or low karma, those posts will always need to go through manual approval. That means a moderator will have to review and approve your post. This process helps prevent spammers, scammers and bot accounts of going live.

Another popular reason is when a post is caught in a spam filter and does not show up in our queue for manual approval by a moderator. The spam filter can be triggered by both Reddit itself or our Automoderator bot.

If you notice that your post isn’t immediatly showing up, have a little patience as we are not online 24/7. If you notice after 8 hours that your post still isn’t live or showing up, then please reach out to us in Modmail and we will look into what happened.

Individual moderators are not to be contacted and will not respond to messages, that is what Modmail is for. Modmail has useful functions such as viewing recent posts, comments and message history. Everything useful is at hand and the entire team may view your concern or question and assist. When you private message a moderator directly we do not have this overview with us.

Click here to see how you can send us a message in modmail.

Our team must use a computer or laptop due to the interface of Reddit’s moderation tools. Discord is easily accessible from our phones making the verification tickets easier to access at any time.

Reddit doesn’t allow images directly uploaded to modmail, so users would have to use Imgur links to work around that prolonging the process. With Discord we don’t have these issues. So the simple answer is just because it’s easier. 

The verified model flair proves that posters on our subreddits are real people and over the age of 18.

To get the verified model flair on Reddit go to our Discord server and follow the steps in the age verificaton process. Don’t forget to mention your Reddit username in your ticket for the verified flair to be added.

After a moderator confirms your age verification, your flair will be added within 24 hours.

This means two things. You are trying to post to NSFW subreddits and you are using a computer or laptop at that moment. This is something implemented by Reddit and not much we can do about it. All our subreddits are marked as NSFW and that is the cause of the issue.

To fix, use Imgur or Redgifs and upload the link to either subreddit if you choose to keep using your laptop or computer. If you can use your phone and the Reddit app, that will be the easiest way to fix this problem, as there is no barrier for posting pictures to NSFW subreddits in the Reddit app.

We implemented 3 day bans with every removal so users can take time to read the rules again and be up to date. In the past when posts were removed, we noticed users would often re-upload the same post and break the same rule again. As there are thousands of posts per day to go through, this only brought more workload to our team and prolonged the post queue for everyone.

A shadowban means that you are not visible to other users. No one will see your comments or your posts. But everything will look normal on your side; you can still browse, post and comment. Only Reddit moderators and admins will be able to see your content.

Why you are shadowbanned is a question we can not answer with certainty. Your IP address might have been caught in a spam filter or one of the many other reasons.

To check if you are shadowbanned, please visit r/ShadowBan and make a post. Their bot will tell you if you are or aren’t shadowbanned. If you came to the conclusion that your account was shadowbanned you can make an appeal with Reddit. Click here to appeal your shadowban.


So you just got the crazy idea to become a model? Maybe you saw a video on TikTok about selling feet pictures? Now you want to start an OnlyFans page or sell premade albums on social media platforms? Awesome! Then we definitely recommend giving this page a read as we’ll go over the basics of starting as a new model.


Has someone asked if you wanted to be their sugar baby? Did they promise you an allowance of $1000 per week or maybe even more?! Don’t fall for it! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Wondering how they work? They will ask you to send your PayPal or Cash App so they can pay your first allowance. Then they’ll send a screenshot of a pending payment and because they have a business account, you will need to send a small amount of money (usually between $10 and $50) to them to unlock the payment. Sometimes they will not use the excuse of unlocking the payment but will tell you you need to prove your loyalty to them to let them know you’re serious. They can request your proof of loyalty in any form from sending money to their PayPal to purchasing a gift card and sending them the code. If you did send them the money, it’s unfortunately gone unless you can put in a dispute with your payment provider. 

If you still believe you are getting an allowance but refuse to transfer money to them they might ask you to prove your loyalty in a different way. They will ask you to take a selfie with you holding up a paper with something written on it. This written text can vary, but it’s usually along the lines of “Thank you daddy”. Then they will disappear and use your picture to try and scam other models with it. You might even come along a sugar scammer sending you a picture of someone else so they can prove to you that they paid somebody else before.

Tipping too much on accident

This scam usually occurs on platforms such as OnlyFans and Fansly. A fan will tip you a generous amount (ie $200) and then send you a message that it was an accident and they meant to tip a lower amount (ie $20). They will then ask you to send an amount of money back to their Cash App or PayPal. Once you send them money back they will actually request a refund through their credit card company so you will lose both the money that they had tipped and what you sent them to their PayPal or Cash App.

So if anyone reaches out to you after a big tip asking to send some money back, just tell them to request a refund through their credit card company and don’t send them anything yourself.

Bug crushing

This is more of a bad joke than a scam. Someone will reach out to you with the question if you are willing to crush bugs for a video. Recently we also got notice of them asking to hurt bigger animals like a mouse. They will offer you a generous amount if you make this video. But they hope you will have the video made before they send you any payment, because they will never send you a payment in the first place. Please note we do not condone hurting any living creatures for content.

Every person is different and bodies come in all shapes and sizes. This is important to remember and will help you find your audience, or,  your “niche”. 

The first step is self reflection. Who are you, what do you look like and what makes you unique? Based on this you can find your niche and stand out from the crowd. Several examples are BBW, freckles, an alternative style, and so on. If you found your niche you can start promoting directly. A great example is Reddit and all their subreddits. Are you insecure about a mommy tummy? Try posting in a MILF or NSFW moms subreddit and get hyped up! This will not only attract the right audience, but will also boost your confidence because these people visit these subreddits specifically to find people like you. Use the search bar on Reddit to find your appropriate subreddits or if you find another model that has similar traits to you, go visit their profile and see what subreddits they post on. Instagram can be used in the same way through hashtags, if you again find a person that has similarities with you go look at what hashtags they use on their content.

Of course we cannot decide for you which platform you have to use. But we’ll include the most common ones with a list of their pros and cons.

Cash App

Cash App is really easy to use, but is not sex work friendly. Try to keep it hidden that your transactions are in regards to adult content, otherwise they will ban your account. Another downside of Cash App is that it is only available in the USA and the UK. So if you want to get a payment from a customer outside these countries you will need to find another way.


PayPal is similar to Cash App except that it is more widely available and used by most people you will come across. So no issues here if your customer lives in Europe, for example. But like Cash App, it is not sex work friendly. As soon as PayPal suspects that you are receiving funds in regards to sex work they will ban your account.


Paxum is a platform we can definitely recommend in regards to being sex work friendly. They will not ban your account for doing adult content. The platform is widely available and your account will have 3 wallets for 3 different currencies (specifically US Dollar, Euro and British Pound). You can send the code from any of your wallets depending on the currency your client wants to pay in or which currency you want to receive in. But just like any platform, Paxum has a downside and that is that it is not well known and not many customers will have it.


These platforms are subscription platforms but they have a very useful tipping function through which you can receive your payment. On Fansly your customer doesn’t even need to be subscribed to you before they can send you a tip, so they only need to have an account on Fansly. On OnlyFans the customer has to be subscribed to you. There are many other platforms similar to these two. The biggest downside of these platforms is that they will take out a percentage of your earnings. In the case of Fansly and OnlyFans this is 20%. For example if someone sends you $10, you will only receive $8.


Cryptocurrencies are still fairly new and not many people use it. But that is the only negative thing we can mention. All transactions are anonymous, non-refundable and non-traceable, which is ideal for the adult content industry. Phone apps like Binance provide you with a wallet to send and receive money in the form of cryptocurrencies. 

Gift cards

You can ask your customer to buy you a gift card from a service of your choosing. Think of Amazon or a subscription like Netflix. It’s definitely not a bad idea to consider gift cards since the transaction will be anonymous. The customer will send you the code of said gift card and you can then redeem it. The only downside is that you will have to spend the money on the platform you received a gift card for.


Linktr.ee and Withkoji are not payment platforms. These platforms are for you to store all your links in one place, but they have a tipping function built in. The biggest plus is that your client can pay with their debit card, credit card or PayPal giving you more options to receive money.


A wishlist is a way for you to add items for your fans to purchase for you. This can range anywhere from small $1 items to more expensive ones. We advise to add a variety in prices on your wishlist. There are several different wishlist platforms available but we recommend using Throne. Throne will keep you completely anonymous. The fan will order an item from your wishlist and Throne will order it for you, so your fan never sees your legal name and address. Another famous wishlist is the Amazon Wishlist, but here fans will see your name and zip code.

Promoting yourself is the biggest part of the job. If you don’t get yourself out there, no one will know you exist.

Make the quality of your promotional content as great as possible so people know what to expect from you. If your OnlyFans content is taken with a full HD camera, but all your promotional content is taken with a Snapchat filter, this gives people the wrong expectations of your content and you might lose potential customers.

We recommend by starting to look into different platforms where you want to promote yourself. Several examples are Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, TikTok and FetLife. Each have their own rules and algorithms, but not all of them are adult content friendly.

Once you set up all your socials it is advised to set up a linktr.ee or withkoji. Both are platforms where you can gather all your links in one place. Add all your social media and subscription platform links here. This way you can share your linktr.ee or withkoji link in all your social media bios and potential customers can find you everywhere.

It is important to note that this type of work can be classified as a customer service job. So it’s best to treat it as such.

You got the hang of promoting and now people are starting to contact you. What do you do now and how do you take it further? You will come across a lot of time wasters. We call someone a time waster when they want you to spend your time on them without them having any intention of buying from you. To avoid this, it’s best to set boundaries for yourself. How much time are you willing to spend on someone for free? Our simplest advice is that a short chitchat can be okay. Think of “hey, how are you?”, but don’t go into endless conversations as this will eventually become time consuming and draining. After they crossed your boundary, try to get to the point but in a polite way. Use phrases such as “So, what was the reason you decided to DM me”, “What can I help you with” or “I loved chatting with you, but unfortunately I will have to go now, subscribe to my OnlyFans if you want to chat more”. The last one is great if you offer chatting as a service on your OnlyFans or other subscription platforms, this way you will at least be compensated for your time. Aftersending a message like the ones above, your fan will usually make their intentions clear and you know whether or not you can spend some more time on them.

With spending more time on them, we do not mean more random talk. Maybe they mention they were actually looking for a custom video from you and you can start discussing the details for this. When it actually comes to discussing content there are a few things we want you to remember. Do not send or make any content before you have received payment. This will save you a lot of time. If they ask for a free preview upfront, direct them to your social medias where you have promotional content posted; you do not need to send free previews when they can already see what you offer on your socials. Try to get as many details from the buyer as possible so there is almost no room left for discussion about what they maybe did or didn’t want in their custom content. It is not pleasant for both parties to hear that it isn’t what they wanted afterwards. And last, but not least, do not cross your own boundaries for some cash. If your customer starts pushing you in a direction you do not feel comfortable with, just tell them. If you draw the line at underwear, and the buyer requests nude, politely decline it and move on.

Just like on every source of income, you need to pay taxes. And while we cannot discuss the rules for every country around the world, be sure to look up the specifics for your country.

In the USA you’ll need to file your taxes for adult content with an 1099 form. Platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon will provide these forms filled out for you. If you receive payments on platforms like Cash App or PayPal you will need to fill out this form yourself. It’s recommended to not wait until the last moment but to keep a spreadsheet somewhere with all your earnings.

You might have heard about people selling their underwear. This is indeed a real thing, however, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You can sell way more than just underwear. People have sold panties, bras, socks, nail clippings, spit, etc.

If you start selling wearables you will have to ship them. Here again your privacy can be an issue as you don’t want people to find out where you live. There are two options that are most commonly used. First you can set up a PO Box with your local post office, that way you can use your PO Box as a return address. The second option is to put the address of the buyer as both sender and receiver. If you are very scared for your privacy you can also use a post office a few towns away from you so the buyer doesn’t see your town in the tracking. To actually ship your wearables you want to keep them ‘fresh’; investing in a few airtight zip lock bags is advised.

To sell your wearables you can again use normal social media platforms as the ones mentioned in the section ‘Promoting yourself’, or you can use websites like Snifffr.